Uniform :

  • Please visit Studio Scene where you will be provided with the correct uniform once you have informed the staff of your school and class. Uniforms must be worn by week 3 after enrolment.

  • Hair must be neat in a neat bun for all classes

Class :

  • Please understand that the sole purpose of allowing our parents into the studio is to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for the dancers.

  • No mobile phones to be used in the studio during class time.

  • It is not acceptable to come in and out of the studio once class has commenced.

  • Please encourage your child to use the toilet before coming in to the studio.

  • Please do not enter the studio while music is playing. If you are late to class please wait until a break in the music and settle your child on their mat as quickly as possible.

  • Please do not talk to other parents during the class. This adds to the overall volume in the studio, becoming overwhelming, distracting and slowing down progress.

  • Please try to limit the number of family members observing your child. It is understandable that from time to time you may have ‘special guests’ wishing to observe the class, and this is totally acceptable. However, we do not have the capacity to have many people watching each child every week. If you have multiple siblings with you then please consider setting them up in the wait room or encouraging your dancer to come in to class independently.

  • Please remove unsettled siblings immediately. If siblings must be present in the studio, please ensure they offer their chairs to adults and they have something to keep them occupied. Please do not allow siblings on to the dance floor.

  • No food is permitted in the studio. Students are required to bring water to hydrate themselves during class.

  • Please do not instruct your child from the seats. Your teacher will instruct their dancing, if they need behavioural support please come on to the dance floor and support them in a positive manner.

Performance opportunity :

  • Participation in performance opportunities is expected and encouraged. There are no fee refunds or allowance for children who do not participate in our annual performance.

  • Regular attendance is required to take part in the concert. The staff reserves the right not to include a student in the concert if her/his attendance doesn’t meet the group’s needs.

  • Students in the Little People class will not participate in the performance.

Photography, videography and advertisement:

  • Photos and videos of your children may be taken and used in advertising and promotional materials UNLESS you specify otherwise.  To opt out, email Ballet West Academy.


  • Please note we do not offer refunds or pro-rated fees for absences.

  • Please make us aware of class absences as soon as possible. Where we are notified of an absence due to sickness 12 hours before a class and an absence due to travel 7 days before a class, a makeup class may be available. While every effort is made to accommodate make up classes, spaces in classes may not be available and cannot be guaranteed. Children may attend a maximum of two make up classes each term

Medical informations :

  • If there is any medical condition your child suffers from that you feel staff should know about, please speak directly to the class teacher.

  • In the case of serious illness or injury in our premises, you give permission to the teachers of Ballet West to arrange for you child/children to be taken to a doctor or hospital when you cannot be contacted.

  • Please do not bring sick children or their siblings to the studio. We have a number of children who have a compromised immune system and we do not encourage the spreading of germs! If your child is unwell please drop us an email to stating the alternative days you are available and we will do my upmost to find you a make-up spot!

Fees and Payments:

  • Ballet West Academy offers an all-inclusive fee structure, paid by Ezidebit, over 10 months and paid one month in advance. Payments begin on 1st January for the season starting in February. The first payment for enrolments received after the 31st January will be calculated pro-rata with additional payments being debited from the first of the following month. 

  • If a direct debit through an account is used in payment, the school will cover the banking fees. If a credit card is used, the cardholder will cover a 2.5% fee. 

  • If payment fails, the cardholder will incur a $11.9 fee to compensate for banking fees charged to the school. 

  • Refunds will only be made where Ballet West Academy cancels a class or where there is a long-term illness or long-term injury, subject to a doctor’s note. All other refunds will be at the discretion of Ballet West Academy or otherwise permitted by Law. 

  • Inclusions
    Our all inclusive fee structure, includes where applicable (but is not limited to):
    - Annual termly tuition o Annual administration fees
    - Performance opportunities
    - Costumes for the Performance(s) 

  • Unpaid accounts - In the event where fees are not paid or you are invoiced for any additional expenses, Ballet West Academy will pass outstanding accounts to a debt collection agency, the cost of which will be added to your account.

  • You can manage payment and enrolment anytime from your Ballet West Academy online account. Even if you don’t remember receiving an invoice (called statement in this system), you can check your fees from your account.

  • Classes do not run during the school holiday (except for the first Saturday of the school holidays at the end of the last school week), 4th March long weekend and 29th June following the school display. This is reflected in your account. Classes finish on the 7th of December 2019

Withdrawal :

  • If you wish to withdraw from Ballet West Academy, one month’s written notice must be given, during this period your final monthly payment will be deducted by BWA and enrolment in classes will cease at the end of the following month.

Cancellation of enrolment by BWA :

Your enrolment at BWA will be cancelled where any of the following occurs:

  • Fees remain unpaid

  • You fail to comply with any reasonable direction issued by any staff
    member of BWA which compromises our ability to provide our services to
    students or compromises the safety and welfare of others students.

  • You, or your child conducts themselves in a manner not in line with the values of BWA.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or concerns.
In order to ensure we adhere to timetabled class times and other quick queries, it is preferred that you make contact via email or text.

We are also happy to return your phone call at a suitable time.
Email : info@balletwest.com.au