When immersed in our innovative and thoughtful program, your child will thrive and their confidence will flourish, thanks to a playful curriculum adapted for each age.

Our monthly fees are all inclusive and are payable by direct debit*


Prices per month:

Little explorers

Tiny Tots

First Step

Petit Dancers



Level 1

Level 3

Adult Ballet


*We thought a monthly payment would be more convenient for you, and budgeting becomes a piece of cake. Our fees are the same each month. This average monthly rate reflects that we teach 37 weeks per year, over 10 months. Holiday weeks, where there is no class, are obviously not charged into the total amount invoiced.

Months with more lessons will not be more expensive than the other ones and the costumes being included, the months with performance will no longer be an extra weight for the family. (Parents ticket fees aren’t included).